Become a Qualifi Centre


Flexible, Responsive and Innovative

Training providers are at the forefront of developing skilled and talented individuals for employment within the vibrant Hair, Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetics industries. You are the ones who understand the priorities of employers and the needs of the learners who walk through your doors.

Qualifi shares your commitment to helping motivated learners become the dynamic workforce of the future. We work with our centres to assure you have the support and tools you need to achieve your vision.

When you partner with Qualifi to become an Approved Learning Centre, you receive these benefits:

Centre Approval Process

Centre Approval

To offer any Qualifi qualification, you will need to obtain centre and qualification approval.

Although rigorous, our regulatory process follows a straightforward quality assurance route to deliver our qualifications. We assess that you have the appropriate staff expertise, resources and premises to meet the qualification training and assessment requirements.

For more information please review the approval process here. 

Approval Visit

Once you apply for approval as a Qualifi Centre, you will have a centre approval visit by one of our EQAs - External Quality Assurers. This is a cooperative exercise that takes the form of an extended exchange of information. The aim of the visit is to gather information and evidence of your organisation's attitudes and approach to the management of a Qualifi approved centre.

As an Approved Qualifi Centre, you can be assured of responsive service for you and your learners, innovative learning solutions and the highest standards of quality and credibility.

For Centres Outside the UK

UK education and training standards are among the most rigorous in the world. That is why they are recognised worldwide.

Qualifi welcomes global applications from centres for Hair, Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetic qualifications. For our degree level qualifications we have gained credit recognition in the USA, Middle East, Asia and Europe and have the support of the British Council and BIS in developing worldwide links.

For more information about qualifications and becoming an approved learning centre, please get in touch with us.

Endorsed Awards

In addition, Qualifi accredits bespoke and customised programmes of learning that are not available as 'regulated' qualifications. We work with our partner Habia and also have a wide range of skills sectors available to provide flexible solutions. For further information please contact us at: