Learn To Achieve

Our qualifications are the perfect way to demonstrate learning accomplishments and skills for career growth. They are credible, accessible and recognised in many countries.

Qualifi was founded to give learners ways to access and demonstrate valuable and relevant learning. Qualifi awards are an excellent place for career-motivated learners to continue their commitment to lifelong learning.

Your Qualifi portfolio of awards shows you have invested in becoming knowledgeable in your field. And it shows employers that you are a motivated, industrious and committed professional.

In addition to all the Hair, beauty, wellness and aesthetics qualifications available on this site Qualifi offers a broader range of relevant, current and credible academic and vocational related qualifications to meet the demands of fast-growing career sectors. 


In addition to our HBWA qualifications, Qualifi also offer qualifications that reflect quality assurances and standards set by employers and Universities, as well as our regulators, in major sectors, including, but not limited to:

Vocational Pathways

Qualifi accredits programmes and courses provided by employers, centres and organisations that are industry specific and can have University credit value. We have a wide range of skills sectors available at level 1 to level 8 and partner with many organisations to provide flexible, recognised learning solutions. Vocational related qualification pathways offer an alternative route to achieving graduate status. For more information visit our main site here for more details.

University Pathways

Our qualifications from Level 4 to Level 8 have been carefully reviewed by our University partners in both the UK and USA and we can offer credit for under graduate and  post graduate master’s degrees. This will allow for a more flexible, lower cost route to achieve your academic ambitions.  To learn more about our University partners and degree pathways, please visit our main site here.